The Intelligent ‘Last Man Out’ Switch

The ‘Good to Go’ interface constantly monitors your electricity supply, communicating wirelessly with a box installed on your incoming mains supply. A quick push of the ‘check’ button indicates whether the consumption is on or above a baseload set by you at the time of installation.

Start saving energy today with Good To Go!

Easy Monitoring, Wherever You Are

A simple user interface backed up by sophisticated software, G2G records the time and the result of the push button request. This data is available to view on this website by logging into your personal webpage and also on our smartphone App so you are always up to date with your consumption and can react quickly to any exceptions.

This autonomous device can be easily installed by any qualified electrician and is simple to setup and use. If you need to reset the baseload you can do so via this site or the on the App giving you full control of every device on your estate.

There are no monthly fees or financial tie-ins and yet you will have access to our full dealer support network for advice and information about other products and services.

How Does It Work?

‘Good to Go?’ monitors your mains incoming electrical supply (single or three phase) and sends the ‘live’ information to a box installed by the last man out door. The information is continuously transferred between the two boxes wirelessly across the customer’s wifi network.

The box by the door has a button which when pressed, takes a snapshot of your building’s consumption and illuminates one of 3 lights, red amber or green. This tells the person locking up if they are ‘Good to Go’. The information is also recorded to be accessed when you log-into the system through this website or our App.

You would hope that a red light will mean the key holder re-enters the building and turns off whatever is still on, however if that isn’t possible at least you, the bill payer or Energy Manager will have notification through the website/App.