Install G2G

A local socket outlet will be required to power each of the boxes that make up the Good to Go product.

The ‘CT box’ should be installed adjacent to the power supply to be measured and the current transformers fitted around the cables to be monitored.* Plug the current transformers into the CT box and switch on the power.

*A qualified electrician should be used to install the current transformers

The ‘front end panel’ should be installed as close to the last exit door of the building as possible, the last-man-out door, where the building is finally locked when leaving for the night. Plug in the power and follow the onscreen instructions.

The front end panel will auto detect the CT-box(s) and they can be labelled as part of the set-up process. It is recommended that they are  labelled in such a way that makes it obvious what they are measuring; ‘second floor lighting’ for example would be better than ‘lighting’ when it comes to finding what’s left on in the building.