Product Overview

Easy Monitoring, Wherever You Are

A simple user interface backed up by sophisticated software, GtG records the time and the result of the push button request. This data is available to view instantly on the GtG screen and also via this website by logging into your personal webpage so you are always up to date with your consumption and can react quickly to any exceptions.

This autonomous device can be easily installed by any qualified electrician and is simple to setup and use. Whether you manage one property or hundreds the data for your whole estate can be easily accessed here.

You will also have access to our full dealer support network for advice and information about other products and services and full support with your Good to Go products.

Good to Go versions:

Version 1 – A stand-alone unit that doesn’t talk to the outside world. Designed for an owner occupier, after initial set-up it will show a red or green screen when the check button is pressed and will graph the previous seven days consumption data on the screen when requested. It will also show a calendar log of usage stats (last 30 days) date & time and result of check.

Version 2 – as V1 but with data connection to MS Azure, through customer Wi-Fi . The system stores 15min data throughout the day and publishes that data to IOGen servers daily. The data can then be viewed via the customer pages on this website. The data can then be downloaded in excel form, alarms can be set and comparisons made. The consumption data can be graphed and viewed in various time increments from years to 15 mins. It can be viewed in kWh or £ to assist with the management of your consumption.

Version 3 – as version 2 but with the ability to work with multiple CT boxes. It automatically finds and recognises up to 64 CT boxes and stores data for each box. You have the ability to name the boxes at set-up stage and this information is transferred to the website pages for ease of consumption management.

Version 4 – as version 3 but without the use of the GtG screen to check the consumption. The screen is used to set-up your system, collect and collate 15min data from the CT boxes for use by IOGen as in previous versions. The screen would be used on initial set-up only and then installed purely as a data collator/sender.

We are always open to ideas to improve our products. Please contact us if you need a bespoke version for your business.